Post-Op Information

Post-Operative Information: Varicose Vein Surgery

Remove the groin dressing in 48 hours and leave wound open. If the wound becomes red or swollen or painful please call the office 9429-1176/Mr Self’s mobile 0412-335-399. Leave the leg dressings on. Some blood may show through the dressings as the wounds are mostly not sutured to minimise leg bruising and scarring.

Continue your usual medications. Take specific post-op. medications (Clexane, Voltaren, etc ) as prescribed. Take Panadol – 2 tablets 4 times daily as needed for pain. For stronger pain Panadeine can be taken. Moderate pain after this operation is unusual – call if concerned.

Take short frequent walks (10-15 minutes, around the block) from day after surgery. Elevate the operated leg on a stool with a pillow when sitting. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting. Do not drive a car until your right leg dressings have been removed. You may drive the car 3-4 days after left leg surgery if you can easily sit in the car and use the brake pedal. Do not get the dressings wet when bathing (you will need large plastic bags, tape, a plastic seat and the assistance of a good friend!!). A sponge bath and a separate wash for your hair may an easier option.

Swimming and Bathing; Gymnasium, Exercise, and Sport
Please avoid these for about 3 weeks until the wounds are fully healed and bruising has gone. You could consider suspending your gymnasium/sports membership for 4 weeks.

After removal of dressings, you can shower and pat “Steristrips” dry. Apply Sorbolene each evening. Wear stockings each day. Steristrips should be completely removed at 9-10 days after surgery.

Time Off Work
10-14 days off work is ideal. 7 days may be manageable for office workers. A medical certificate will be supplied.

Skin Care
After dressings are removed the wounds can be left open. Keep the wounds clean and dry. A light application of Sorbolene cream on the legs avoiding the recent wounds is ideal. No special brand is required. Sorbolene with glycerine (“Hydraderm” pump pack is ideal, via pharmacies without a prescription).

Support Stockings
If you are supplied with post-op. surgical support stockings it is appropriate to wearing these after the dressings are removed. If you have existing support stockings then resume wearing them. Please ask for instructions at the appointment when your bandages are removed. Women are encouraged to wear support stockings for 4-6 weeks afterwards e.g. Kolotex Sheer Relief pantyhose from Safeway, Coles, Target for $10.00.

Post-Operative Appointments
1. First post-op. appointment at 5-7 days for removal of dressings, wound review, discussion about stockings.
2. Final post-op. appointment at about 8 weeks for review of the result, discussion of subsequent management.