Post-Op Information

Post-Operative Information: Ovarian Vein Coiling

This is a day procedure with minimal patient discomfort.

Pain relief
Panadol, Panadeine or Nurofen may be required for a day or so for pain in the groin and occasionally pain in the left flank. Severe pain or fever should be reported to our rooms.

You may resume all normal activities a day after the procedure. It is prudent not to overwork and to avoid alcohol for 2 or 3 days.

What follow-up arrangements will there be?
You will require a left ovarian vein ultrasound several weeks after the procedure and a review consultation to plan the next treatment.

What if i receive several bills from the hospital?
Please submit these to your Health Insurance fund. You may then have to submit them to Medicare (some funds will do this for you). If you encounter any problems please advise our rooms.

Will i require support stockings?
Not unless you were wearing them beforehand.

How much activity should i do after the procedure?
On return home you should go for a short 10 minute walk the same evening. Take a couple of Panadol (if needed) and retired to bed early.

Over the next week, you should make it a point of having several short walks and avoid prolonged sitting, lying in bed and any air travel.

Questions or concerns
If you have any questions or concerns, please ring Mr Self at the Richmond Rooms on (03) 9429 1176 or mobile 0412 335 399.