Post-Op Information

Post-Operative Information: Injection Sclerotherapy

Q. What should I do about my dressing?
A. If you have some dressings on your legs, they may stay on for 3 to 7 days depending on the size of the vein(s) injected. They can then be easily removed by unwinding. None are re-useable so scissors can be used with care as well. After that you may be asked to wear support stockings for a variable length of time.

Q. Will I experience any Post Operative pain?
A. There is very little pain from conventional sclerotherapy. Patients occasionally take 2 Panadol or Nurofen for one or two days. If in doubt, please contact the rooms.

Q. How much time should I take off work?
A. We recommend you take half a day off work. You can drive unless bandages are to be used (rarely). The patient may return to work the next day. After injections, we recommend the patient remain in the rooms for 15 minutes to ensure no adverse reactions. In that time, the patient should walk around and make sure the dressings/stockings are firm but comfortable.

Q. What activities can I undertake post surgery?
A. During the following week the patient should endeavor to sit with their feet in an elevated position, but, to also walk as frequently as possible. It is important to try and avoid prolonged immobile standing or sitting.

Q. What is the follow-up?
A. If the patient is to have injections of the other leg, that appointment should have been discussed with the patient and arranged for a few weeks time. For patients having further injections of the same leg, a review appointment 6 to 8 weeks after the injections may be necessary to review the leg. These instructions vary and we try to discuss them at the time of the procedure. If unsure please call the rooms.

Q. What are the visible effects of injection therapy?
A. The patient may occasionally see early bruising or even superficial blood clots. Progressively this will fade and the intensity of the leg veins will also fade taking up to at least 2 months after injections. Before you return for the next injection session or review consultation please review which veins on the leg are concerning you as the follow-up session often concentrates on these areas.

Q. What do I need to know about the account?
There is a CMBS item number (32500) which provides a rebate for injection of veins provided they are greater than 3mm and there are no more than 6 episodes a year. If you are eligible for this, no GST applies. If the CMBS does not apply, then there is no rebate and we are obliged to add GST to the patient’s account. We will give the patient an estimation of the number of sessions and costs before starting treatment. Each session is separate and there is no absolute necessity to continue on after the first session and there is no set maximum time between sessions although there are some applicable minimum times between sessions.

Q. When can I have my injections?
A. We have set sessions separate from consulting to do injections, which occur throughout the year excluding summer, when bandaging and tight stockings are too much for some patients. Please contact the rooms on 94291176.

Q. What do I do after sclerotherapy has finished?
A. You should actively review the appearance of your legs in February each year. If there are some recurrent veins that are concerning you, come to the practice for a consult in February or March. It is then hot and we won’t be tempted to do sclerotherapy and we have all year to arrange investigations or treatment!

Recurrent varicose veins that are flat and visible are a cosmetic concern, i.e. no medical risk. They can be injected. No Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebate applies.

Recurrent varicose veins which are lumpy can be injected if they are less than 5mm in diameter. You will require an ultrasound arranged by our office. Veins less than 5mm in diameter in most people would look similar to those on the back of your hand.