Post-Op Information

Post-Operative Information: Carotid Endarterectomy

The Wound
All Sutures are buries. The wound might be slightly swollen and tender and there will be an area of numbness in front of the wound so please be careful if you need to shave (it might be better to not shave around the area for one week or so.

Pain Relief
Take Panadol or Panadeine at the rate of 2 tablets 3 or 4 times daily. This should be more than sufficient.

Usual Medications
Continue your usual medications including Aspirin unless you have been given specific instructions before leaving hospital.

Walk as much as you can to keep the circulation moving in your legs. East and drink as normal.

General Practitioner
Visit your G.P. 10 days after leaving the hospital. Please take all your medications along for review and to check your blood pressure.

Surgical Review
There will be an appointment typically at 4 to 6 weeks. A review ultrasound of both carotid arteries may be arranged on the same day or in the week prior. Please call the rooms about one week after you leave hospital to confirm these arrangements.

Activities to Avoid
Don’t walk outside the home or property without assistance. Do not drive the car, operate power tools, lowan mower or any other machinery until your surgical review. Please do not climb any ladders or indulge in any extensive home renovations or strenuous activities. If it is absolutely necessary to indulge in any of these, please confirm with Mr Self before surgery.

X-rays and Scans
Please take X-rays home from the hospital and keep them for safekeeping. Please bring them to the initial post-operative appointment, but after that they may usually be retained at home for future reference.