Southern Vascular Fees 2013/2014 – Overview

The aim of the practice is to provide an individualised service for each patient. To provide this, we have a set scale of fees (the Practice Fee) for our activities.

This is a standard fee for initial and review consultations. There is a discount for aged pensioner consultation appointments.

Initial Consultation Information Letter for Patient

Rebate Consultations
These are provided after outpatient venous procedures and in some surgical settings for many patients. Disadvantaged patients may be rebated on request to Mr Self, or via his staff.

Second Opinions
Patients requiring a second opinion: please identify yourself when you make a booking. This will allow our staff to book adequate time for a longer consultation. A slightly higher fee applies.

Angiography and Endovascular Procedures
These are generally done for a fee near to Gap Cover/Easy Claim amount; a patient co-payment often applies as the 2015 Medicare fees remain at the 2012 level. A patient co-payment of $0 - $750 may apply.

Open Surgery
The fee for these is higher than the CMBS schedule fee and generally lower than the AMA recommended fee. In some cases, Gap Cover/Easy Claim can be applied. In other cases, the funds will not allow this. Gaps are typically between $100-$1,000, but can be up to $2,200. The gap represents the time required for the procedure, whether a complex open arterial case, or a prolonged venous surgery case.

Venous Procedures (Sclerotherapy and Laser Venous Treatment)
These are outpatient procedures and thus no private health insurance rebate applies per Commonwealth Government legislation. There are Medicare rebates for sclerotherapy (CMBS item 32500) and endovenous laser (CMBS items 32520, 32522).

Gold Card Holders
The Gold Card is accepted in full payment except for outpatient venous procedures. Support stockings can be ordered from DVA. Endevenous Laser Therapy may be rebated after specific written application to DVA.

Workcover and TAC Patients
Consultations and investigations can be arranged. A patient co-payment applies. Angiography and surgery are covered with no patient co-payment. Outpatient venous procedures require prior authorisation and these are sometimes covered by Workcover and TAC.

Health Care Card Holders
No routine discount is available. In cases of specific hardship, patients are advised to speak to Mr Self’s staff well before their procedure.

Informed Financial Consent
Our practice is to provide a cost estimate for all procedures well in advance of surgery. Accounts will usually be billed to you, occasionally to your fund. You may still incur a hospital excess. We request patients to sign and return the Financial Consent form well before surgery, i.e. at least two weeks prior.

The Assistant’s fee is generally less than or equal to 20% of the surgeon’s fee, and we can therefore indicate the approximate amount to you.

The Anaesthetist’s fees are their own concern, and we are not able to discuss those fees with them (ACCC). We will provide their name and patients can contact their office before surgery. Generally, Anaesthetists fees are less well rebated for surgical procedures than surgeons, and more well rebated for some angiographic procedures. Hence anaesthesia patient co-payments may be higher for operations, and lesser for angiographic procedures.

Non-Insured Patients
These can be seen in the rooms and investigated and incur practice consultation fees along the usual guidelines. Surgery can rarely be arranged privately. Surgery can be arranged publicly, and we can arrange for patients to be referred into the public hospital system. Non-insured patients are not disadvantaged as regards outpatient venous procedures, compared with insured patients.

This is general advice intended to give patients an overview of our practice. If you have any queries, please raise them well in advance of any procedure.